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About The Spirit Card Network

The Spirit Card Network ™ is a network that connects local youth groups and educational institutions with local, regional, and national businesses wishing to promote educational, social, and athletic resources through a positive partnership. The Spirit Card Network is part of Lets Go Banners, Inc., a Big Island marketing company.

This partnership’s main focus is in funding local needs through a “win-win” relationship.

As most communities are quickly realizing, changes must be made in our traditional educational and sports funding to continue to provide our children with what most of us once took for granted.

Budget-cuts are quickly causing some of our most cherished and valuable scholastic, social, and sporting activities.

Most schools and sports groups are faced with one of two choices:

1) Live with these budget-cutting changes and simply “do without,”
2) Take measures into our own hands with private-sector funding to continue to offer our kids the experiences we once took for granted.

The Spirit Card Network wishes to establish an organized structure to promote helping local groups raise badly needed funds in the most efficient and effective methods possible. This means:

 1) Positive, quality “win win” fundraisers that not only benefit the group, but are also well-received and embraced by the local community.

 2) Low-maintenance fundraisers that are designed to be easy and fast for the participants. The Spirit Card Network wishes to promote fundraisers that have a high return for the groups with very low labor costs. Fundraising is normally a negative event due to the high costs in time and labor by the participants. The Spirit Card Network wishes to diminish the time and labor spent, and instead focuses on high returns and profitable fundraisers for our groups, while promoting our community business members.

 3) “Win-Win” fundraisers that incorporate profitable products for our local groups, while also helping local, regional, and national businesses see a benefit from their desire to be charitable. This is easily accomplished by offering products that promote businesses. Most businesses spend vast amounts of money on traditional advertising that often shows minimal or below-average returns. We desire for our business sponsors to see a fantastic result by taking pride in sponsoring our Spirit Card Network Organizations. This usually occurs with response from ads and sponsorships, but a secondary positive result is through the local loyalty displayed from our Organizations supporting our Business Sponsors.

IN ESSENCE… Through developing an organized system for local community support, we can keep our resources local, and reward local groups and businesses for working together.

Most groups need necessary funding, but are only looking for a more efficient and effective means to do this. AND..

Most businesses desire local patronage by their community, and desire the most cost effective means to advertising.

The Spirit Card Network is a “Grass Roots” system that can reward everyone for working together.

The Spirit Card Network is a project developed and a “work in progress” by Lets Go Banners, Inc.

The owners of Lets Go Banners, Inc, have over 30 years combined experience working with thousands of schools, non-profits, colleges, fraternities, sororities, and sports groups.

Our corporate office is located on the beautiful island of Hawaii, in Waikoloa Village.

Please feel free to contact us at: 866-267-5814 or send an email to: chris@letsgobanners.com

Copyright Lets Go Banners and Spirit Card Network (tm) 2010.